TEC Plus

All New Monthly TEC Plus Subscriptions Coming October 1, 2021

What’s Included?

PriceFREE$5 per month$15 per month
Visible on team rosters
Monitored personal stats
View personal stats
Customizable player profile
Featured on league stats
‘PLUS’ profile badge
Exclusive member-only merch
Customizable ‘PRO’ profile badge
Upload to TEC Leagues home page
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*Note: TEC Plus and TEC Plus Pro auto renew every month, until manually canceled by the customer.

Benefits of TEC Plus

  • Monthly giveaways at the end of each month
  • Your own recruiting player profile with your stats, twitch channel, highlights and player information
  • Appear on league stats
  • PRO members featured on the homepage
  • PRO members receive exclusive merchandise each month