Prospect League

Welcome to TEC’s Prospect League! The Prospect League is your first step into competitive esports. You will learn the basics of being a part of an esports team such as practices, scrimmages, and showcasing events that lead up to the combine. There will also be chances to become Team Captains! 

Prospect League is where players interested in the draft will go when joining TEC! The Draft is set up for teams in need of players to take turns picking the players they want from the pool of players in the Prospect League. The teams will know who to pick by watching the scheduled, streamed, and casted combines! Everyone going to the draft will have an opportunity to compete in these combines. 

After rosters lock in the amateur league everyone will go to the prospect league. If you do have a team you would like to go to you will be placed onto that team at the end of the Prospect League. 

Prospect players will have a chance to compete in the amateur league as an academy team if a franchise needs them. This will then give the players a chance to compete in the amateur league early and potentially sign to the team they play for!